Order of the Mongoose


With great sorrow Raphael moved the moonbeam towards the two bardic zombies. The melody of such an elegant song reverting these savage creatures of undeath to the poets of dance they were before this false life. But the beat would stop, and so to would their connection to their humanity. In the matter of true artist, they danced in the spot light, gracefully ascending to an afterlife of song & cheer.

Professor Kody, Adarian, Vinny, Hammy, and Raphael gaze upon the horde that has fallen before them. In this moment they realize the strength they have gain together. Catching their breathe after a grueling battle, they decide to gather supplies. Upon entering the chiefs tent, gold, food, but most importantly, a magic set of bracers were acquired for the voyage to Jetson. As they make their way south towards the beach, Professor Kody creates another song to drive the undead horde to the east.

After an hour of travel, the adventurers arrive at the beach. Vinny leading the way, Adarian scouting ahead, and the rest on look out. Following the coast, the adventurers trek towards Jetson. Night rolls in, and camp is made on the beach. Adarian takes watch.


When the first rays of light creep from behind the horizon, Adarian wakes the group. To Hammy’s horror, his sword is missing, and finds a note from Raven.

“Alex insert note here”

After reading the note, the adventurers are angered by Raven‘s continued betrayal. Before, ditching the group for dead was bad, and would have been remedied by returning the funds given to her to aid in fending out the zombies. But to add salt to the wound by stealing Hammy’s sword and our rations on top of that. In the discussion of what to do about Raven, Hammy gives a long winded speech, in a nut shell was, “We are going to ”/wikis/alitam" class=“wiki-page-link”> Al’Itam, killing all the White Vial members, and put Raven in the ground." To which Professor Kody says,“And maybe we will kill her to.” Hammy replies with,“I like the way you think.”

The adventurer continue till they reach The Silent Serpent wreckage. After seeing another set of foot prints that look elven, the group heads over to the cave where they last saw the elven guard. But it was empty and void of any additional information.

After some more traveling, the Order of the Mongoose find themselves in a land of rolling hills. As they make camp, there seems to be another group off in the distance. Adarian goes off to inspect, and brings back with him a horde of goblins. This group of evil green blooded raiders, tried to intimidate the Order of the Mongoose with their strange language of war. So brave Vincent slew two of the mounted goblin scum before they knew what hit them. The remaining goblin filth hide behind their worgs. Once the worgs had been vanquished, green blood painted the group as each goblin fell in battle at the hands of Adarian “Goblin Hunter”. Standing tall in victory, Adarian “Goblin Hunter” removed the heads of the slain green bloods and placed their dismembered heads on pikes to show the rest of their sullied kind to stay away from these lands.


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