Order of the Mongoose

In the Sound of Silence
Raphael's Tale Part 1


With great sorrow Raphael moved the moonbeam towards the two bardic zombies. The melody of such an elegant song reverting these savage creatures of undeath to the poets of dance they were before this false life. But the beat would stop, and so to would their connection to their humanity. In the matter of true artist, they danced in the spot light, gracefully ascending to an afterlife of song & cheer.

Professor Kody, Adarian, Vinny, Hammy, and Raphael gaze upon the horde that has fallen before them. In this moment they realize the strength they have gain together. Catching their breathe after a grueling battle, they decide to gather supplies. Upon entering the chiefs tent, gold, food, but most importantly, a magic set of bracers were acquired for the voyage to Jetson. As they make their way south towards the beach, Professor Kody creates another song to drive the undead horde to the east.

After an hour of travel, the adventurers arrive at the beach. Vinny leading the way, Adarian scouting ahead, and the rest on look out. Following the coast, the adventurers trek towards Jetson. Night rolls in, and camp is made on the beach. Adarian takes watch.


When the first rays of light creep from behind the horizon, Adarian wakes the group. To Hammy’s horror, his sword is missing, and finds a note from Raven.

“Alex insert note here”

After reading the note, the adventurers are angered by Raven‘s continued betrayal. Before, ditching the group for dead was bad, and would have been remedied by returning the funds given to her to aid in fending out the zombies. But to add salt to the wound by stealing Hammy’s sword and our rations on top of that. In the discussion of what to do about Raven, Hammy gives a long winded speech, in a nut shell was, “We are going to ”/wikis/alitam" class=“wiki-page-link”> Al’Itam, killing all the White Vial members, and put Raven in the ground." To which Professor Kody says,“And maybe we will kill her to.” Hammy replies with,“I like the way you think.”

The adventurer continue till they reach The Silent Serpent wreckage. After seeing another set of foot prints that look elven, the group heads over to the cave where they last saw the elven guard. But it was empty and void of any additional information.

After some more traveling, the Order of the Mongoose find themselves in a land of rolling hills. As they make camp, there seems to be another group off in the distance. Adarian goes off to inspect, and brings back with him a horde of goblins. This group of evil green blooded raiders, tried to intimidate the Order of the Mongoose with their strange language of war. So brave Vincent slew two of the mounted goblin scum before they knew what hit them. The remaining goblin filth hide behind their worgs. Once the worgs had been vanquished, green blood painted the group as each goblin fell in battle at the hands of Adarian “Goblin Hunter”. Standing tall in victory, Adarian “Goblin Hunter” removed the heads of the slain green bloods and placed their dismembered heads on pikes to show the rest of their sullied kind to stay away from these lands.

Zombie Fight
Jump On It!


Raven Blaze and the Order of the Mongoose are surrounded by zombies. They decided to run back to the cave and and take cover back in the treasure room to rest. The group was too weak to fight at the time so it was best that they rest. Raven Blaze was promised 100 gp if she stays and fights. She decided she wanted at least 50 gp now before the fight, so Raphael Flynn gave it to her.

Once the group was fully rested, they open the treasure room door to find 7 zombies lurking their way. Everyone contributed to the fight and finished off the zombies. They decided to go on a suicide mission to go back to the village where they saw the 30 zombies and finished them off as well. As they make their way back, they noticed Raven Blaze took off leaving the group to die.

Raphael Flynn and Captain Vincent Samwell climbed to the top of one of the watch towers while the rest of the group fought around the tower. When the zombie ogre was close enough, Captain Vincent Samwell jumped on his and started stabbing into his back with a short sword and dagger. Professor Kody used a distraction spell (JUMP ON IT) for a group of zombies so the Mongoose clan from the overwhelming amount of zombies.

As the group started to fight off the zombies, Raphael Flynn cast moonbeam and started wiping out the zombies. Adarian Shaloub was the first to go down after being surrounded by zombies. After the ogre zombie went down, Captain Vincent Samwell was hit so bad that it forced him to go down and could not breathe. Professor Kody was able to bring Captain Vincent Samwell back, while Hammād ibn Rāšid ibn al-Abbās ibn Fadlān ibn Ahmad jammed a goodberry down Adarian Shaloub’s throat that brought him back up to fight, however. Hammād ibn Rāšid ibn al-Abbās ibn Fadlān ibn Ahmad took a massive hit and that gave him a short term memory lost of 1 hour. He was able to recover in the middle of the fight.

Only two zombies remained, still digging their way to find the Jump On It distraction spell. Moonbeam took care of them.

Shipping off to Al'Itam


We set sail to Al’Itam when we meet Raven Blaze, a human rogue from the Assassin’s Guild. She is working with Captain Vincent Samwell on their voyage to Al’Itam. We sail for 27 days until a monstrous storm approaches the ship. Captain Vincent Samwell attempted to help the crew sail through the storm while Hammād ibn Rāšid ibn al-Abbās ibn Fadlān ibn Ahmad decided not to do anything. We ended up being shipwrecked.

Competitions Begin!
Sessions 2 and 3

(Still Day 1, the 11th day of the 3rd month of 2151)
Asking around, the party finds that there are numerous competitions being held for the Millennial celebrations.

Storytelling Competition @ The Noble’s Inn
Archery Competition (Sponsored by Phil’s Fletching) @ City Park [Placeholder name for unspecified park in Westport]
???? (Sponsored by McKobold King)
Arcanist Competition (Sponsored by the Wizarding Academy) @ Entrance Dock to Academy
Ale Drinking @ Scummy’s Tavern
and the Fighting Competition @ City Park

The competitions would be held on the 2nd, 5th, and 8th days of the festival. (This day was the first day of the festival) We had decided that each of us would compete in various competitions and enjoy in the revelry (and prizes!). Vincent in Archery and Drinking, Raphael in Arcanist, Kody in Arcana and Storytelling, Hammad in Fighting, and Adarian in Fighting.

We stayed the night at the Black Nife Inn (That’s how it was spelled right?!) except for Hammad, who sought the courtesy of an aristocratic family, the Duskwalkers.

(Day 2: 12/3/2151)

In the morning, after a meal of goodberries, Raphael decided he would use his spare goodberries to feed some local homeless. We found some around the corner from the Black Nife. Most of them fled when we appeared but one stayed and as we offered the berry, threatened us with a broken bottle. Kody drew his rapier and Raphael produced flame to try to spook the crazed man. He came right for us anyways though! Luckily Adarian was able to hit him with a stick, and knock him out (along with a few of his teeth).

We made our way to the competitions and met up with Hammad around the Archery competition. Vincent passed this stage, but barely. Hammad and Adarian Handily defeated their opponents, as did Vincent in the Drinking competition.

Kody and Raph then split off to get to the Arcanist competition. Kody attempted an illusion of capturing lightning, with a minor illusion followed by a thunder wave. He failed horribly though, deafening much of the audience (no splash zone?). Raph produced flame and wild shaped into a panther, which was much more amusing to the crowd, and he passed to the next round.

The last competition of the night was Storytelling, in which Kody wowed the audience with the Adventures of Fluke Waterskipper destroying the fortress of the evil Dark Blather.

We all returned relatively uneventfully to the Black Nife and the Duskwalkers. Vincent came home with company after drinking too much at Scummy’s.

(Day 3: 13/3/2151)

Vincent woke up to a beast of a woman of his bed, and robbed her of her meager money. On attempting to leave the inn, we find city watch guards waiting for us. There had been a murder down the street and we were wanted for questioning.

Hammad also awoke to find the guard asking for him. Owing to his noble status though, he was able to disavow associateship with us, and go in on his own terms.

We meet the receptionist at the police station, Mary, as well as Detective Smith who is questioning us. After it’s clear we were not responsible for the murder (and Vincent is beaten quite a bit while held in the common holding) we offer to assist with the investigation. Verne believes this to be a great idea and says we can act with his authority to investigate.

The hunt is on!

The victim was a drifter of sorts, human, and his remains are being held in the morgue located under the central watch station. We found that we might find some clues if we ask (the now) Toothless Ted, so we made our way back to the Black Nife to find him. We found some folk loitering in the area, 3 humans and a dwarf.

It all happened so fast, a minute tops, and covered in blood, stuck with crossbow darts, darkness overcame us.

Fortunately we had made friends of Bertrand and Mab who run the Black Nife, and they were able to bring us back from the brink.

Arrival at Westport
Line cutters are not tolerated

The date is 11-3-2151. Our adventurers meet while waiting in a long line at the Eastern gates of Westport. The line is long because the city’s Millennial celebrations began today.

Professor Kody while attempting to get ahead in line, garnered the ire of an irate Orc. The other members of the party, having only seen the tail-end of the altercation, jumped to his defense along with the city guard. The Orc was taken away by the guard swearing revenge.

On entering the city, we saw a great deal of reveling. Street performers abound and a makeshift parade was passing through. We were approached by a scruffy halfling handing out leaflets for the ‘Black Knife Inn’. He claimed to be the proprietor and that it was one of the few establishments in the city with occupancy. His name was Bertrand.

Leaflets in hand, we decided to see what the local merchants might have on offer. After a few stops, we reached the stall of an Orcish merchant named ‘Al-Shazeer’. He sold Raphael a rusty old lamp, and Kody a scroll of information on Al’Atam

We ended the session after a disconcerting conversation with a Dwarvish blacksmith with somewhat acute PTSD from encounters in his homeland with the Drow


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